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Students who do not want to attend universities or go into white-collar jobs choose to follow this path (Buhlman, 2003).
Primary education in German schools is neighborhood-based and self-contained. At the age of four, students can attend preschool and some students may skip preschool and attend the kindergarten level at the age if six. Because both are voluntary, so some students may not start school until the age of seven. However, starting in the fifth grade, students and parents may select the school of their choice. The school type options are the main school, the intermediate school, the college-prep school, and the new comprehensive school (Wilde, 2002).
In the fifth and sixth grade, the programs of study are similar, but the seventh grade is the time when students may start to specialize in career-prep programs according to their interests and abilities. It is mandatory by each state that all children from the ages of six to fifteen are fulltime students and sixteen to eighteen years old must be at least part time students.


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