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Teachers are very valuable in Germany.  The process to become a teacher can be a long and difficult road.  Not many students stick through the whole process.  To begin the career of a teacher the student must attend all of the years of regular schooling that are required, attend a school that specializes in teaching, and take the first of three certification test.  After graduating a university, the teacher must work for two years as an apprentice teacher under the master teacher.  After the teacher has attained advanced training with the onsite staff, a recommendation from the mentor teacher, and successful evaluations from outside master teachers, a second state certification exam must be taken.  Many teachers stay at this level of the ladder for the rest of their career.  The road to become a master teacher is at the very least a three-year dedication.  After several more years of teaching, three-day observations by two outside master teachers, passage of a third state exam, and more recommendations, the teacher can become a master teacher (Buhlman, 2003).

Becoming a teacher in Germany is a long and hard road to follow.  Because of this, teacher are paid exceptionally well and ranked second on the “most respected”
list in Germany.  Teachers maintain long hours in and out of the classrooms, making themselves available to their students at any time of the day.

There are no vice-principles, counselors, or librarians in the school.  The most serious and criminal-like acts are taken to the part-time principle (who is known as the director), which may summon the police or take whatever action he thinks necessary.  With the student-professor rations at the German universities averaging sixty-one, teachers have a hard time spending the necessary time with each student who needs it (Novak, 1999).

Since the reunification of Germany, education has been an essential part of their culture.  With one of the best-rated education systems in the world, Germany continues to make changes to help better their students and help them become good citizens.  The education system brings pride into the country and allows them to better their lives after a time of suffering that they had gone through.  Some people scrutinize the system, but changes being made will only better it.


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